Order Entry/Point of Sale in Multi-Store Environments

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When working with multiple stores in Order Entry and Point of Sale, you can select the store where you are taking the order from the Store Name list at the top left of the window (this replaces the Change User button in FTD Mercury versions prior to 7.0). The default selection is the store the employee is currently logged in to (the logged in store is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window).

If you perform a lookup, the store originally associated with the order remains on the order. However, if the order is updated, the store is updated to the store currently logged in to during the update.

The Point of Sale window has this Store Name field, but it is read-only and set to the logged-in store (as displayed in the status bar).

In Point of Sale, if a previously entered sale is updated with price-related changes, the sale becomes part of the current Point of Sale session and the store name is changed to the current store name. However, if you make changes that are not price related, the store associated with the sale is not changed. No Sale, Z-Out, X-Out, Paid In, Paid Out, and Receive Payment transactions are associated with the currently logged-in store.

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