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*[[Viewing and Printing Message Detail]]
*[[Viewing and Printing Message Detail]]
*[[Creating New Messages/Responding to Messages]]
*[[Creating New Messages/Responding to Messages]]
*[[Copying Orders]]
*[[Mercury Direct: Copying Orders]]

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Message Search allows you to locate an order or message in your message log that has been sent or received by your store through the Mercury Network. To begin a Message Search, click the Message Search button on the Mercury Direct Main Menu.

When you access Message Search, the first twenty five orders and messages are displayed in a list form. Messages are sorted by message date, listing the most recent message at the top of the list. Drag the scroll bar on the right side of the list to scroll through the orders and messages. Only the first twenty five most recent messages are displayed. If you would like to view an additional twenty five, click the More button. You can continue clicking this button to view additional batches of twenty five orders and messages.

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