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Paid Out/In Types Screen
Paid Out/In Types Screen

Paid out and paid in types are reasons why cash must be added or removed from the cash register drawer in Point of Sale. For example, you may have to use the Paid Out function to take cash out of the drawer to pay for gas for the delivery truck, or pay for candy or fruit for fruit baskets. The Paid In function is then commonly used to return change to the cash drawer. For details on creating and removing Paid Out types, see Setting Up Paid Out/In Types.

If you have the Accounting module, accounts are set up in QuickBooks for your paid in/out types. The accounts are either categorized as Cost of Goods Sold accounts or Operating Expense accounts, depending on how you set them up when you ran the Chart of Accounts Wizard. Note that if you add a paid in/out type in Mercury Administration, you must go through the Chart of Accounts Wizard again so that FTD Mercury can export the information to QuickBooks and add an account for that paid in/out type.

Accessing the Paid Out/In Types Screen

To access the Paid Out/In Types screen in Mercury Administration:

  1. Launch Mercury Administration.
  2. Double-click Mercury Administration in the explorer pane.
  3. Double-click the System folder.
  4. Click Paid/Out In Types. The Paid Out/In Types screen opens.
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