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The House Account tab contains the following settings:

Field Description
Account ID Enter the customer’s house account ID. FTD suggests you use the first five letters of the customer’s last name, followed by the first two letters of the first name as

your convention. However, you can enter your own alphanumeric account number, or click Auto to have FTD Mercury automatically assign an account number.

Accounting Type Select whether this customer account should use open item or balance forward accounting.
  • Customers with balance forward accounts receive statements that show running unpaid balances. As payments are made, the payment is subtracted from the oldest invoice.
  • Open item accounts are typically used for companies that pay by invoice (or customers that prefer to do so). As each payment is made, it is applied to an individual sale.
Credit Limit Enter the credit limit you want to extend to this customer.
Billing Cycle Select the cycle at which to bill this customer. You can select Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly.
Default Payment Select your preferred payment method for this house account (usually, this value should be House).
Annual Finance Charge Enter the percentage you want to charge for late payments.
Minimum Finance Charge Enter the minimum finance charge dollar amount you want to charge to overdue accounts. FTD Mercury will charge the greater of the finance charge percentage or this value.
Finance Grace Period Enter the number of days you want to wait before assessing finance charges to this account.
Print Statements When you select this option, the customer’s statement will be printed when statements are generated.
Fax Statements When you select this option, the customer’s statement will be faxed when statements are generated.
Email Statements When you select this option, the customer’s statement will be emailed when statements are generated.
Print Dunning Messages Select this check box if you want to print dunning messages on this customer’s statements. You can set up dunning messages in Mercury Administration.
Terms on Account Enter any additional text you want to be printed on this customer’s statements.

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