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Be sure to update your website for the holiday season.

You should consider updating:

  • Your pricing - make sure that all items are priced correctly for Valentine's Day!
  • Custom Products - are there special Valentine's items that you offer? Add these to your site!
  • Promotion Products - feature your Valentine's items on your homepage!
  • Delivery Fees - do your delivery fees remain the same for the Valentine's Day? Make sure that these fees are current and correct!
  • Discount - consider offering a discount to customers that order early or have early deliveries!
  • Mother's Day events</a> - do you have any events in store for Mother's Day? Advertise these on your website!
  • Webgifts</a> - consider adding webgifts to your site to give your customers more options when selecting something for mom!
  • Local Search - Consider increasing your Local Seach budget for the holiday in order to maximize traffic to your site

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