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Be sure to update your website for the holiday season.

You should consider updating:

  • Your pricing - make sure that all holiday items are priced correctly!
  • Custom Products - are there special holiday items that you offer? Add these to your site!
  • Delivery Fees - do your delivery fees remain the same for the holidays? Make sure that these fees are current and correct!
  • Promotion Products - feature your holiday items on your homepage!
  • Content Pages - create a content page to feature any holiday celebrations you are doing. For example, if you have a holiday Open House, share this with your customers on your site by using a content page!
  • Holiday Closings - Are you closed for Thanksgiving Day? Christmas? New Years Day? If so, contact FOL Support so that this is notated on your website. If you do not close your website for those days, orders can be placed for delivery on those days!
  • Message on your homepage - Update the message on your homepage to include holiday greetings to your customers! Don't forget to remove this message after the holidays.
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