Handling Messages that Require Attention

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(Removing Messages from the Requires Attention List)
(Removing Messages from the Requires Attention List)
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! Incoming Answer
! Incoming Answer
| *Acknowledge the message
| Acknowledge the message
! Incoming Forward
! Incoming Forward

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Dispay the Requires Attention List in Message Center

  1. Open the Message Center.
  2. Select both the Incoming and Outgoing check boxes.
  3. From the Message Type list, select Requires Attention.
  4. Click Search.

All messages that require attention appear in the results list.

TIP: When you open Message Center from Order Entry or Point of Sale, the default search is for messages that require attention.

Removing Messages from the Requires Attention List

If a message appears in the Requires Attention list, you need to take an action on it to remove it from the list. If you are unclear on why the message appears in the Requires Attention list, right-click on the message and select Why This Requires Attention. A window will inform you why the message requires attention.

The action you take depends on the type of message and its status.

Message Type How You Remove It from Requires Attention
Incoming Order *Attach it
*Reject it
*Forward it
Incoming Ask *Send an Answer message (when you send an Answer message, the Ask message is automatically acknowledged)
*Acknowledge the message
Incoming Answer Acknowledge the message
Incoming Forward Acknowledge the message
Incoming Reject *Resend the order
*Cancel the order
Incoming Confirm Acknowledge the message
Incoming Cancel *Confirm the message
*Deny the message
Incoming Deny Acknowledge the message
Outgoing Order with Error Resend the order
Outgoing Order Attached to an Incomplete Sale Complete the sale

Although the optimal way for removing messages from the Requires Attention list is to take action on the message, you can also right-click on a message in Requires Attention and select Remove from Requires Attention. You are informed that updates to the order or additional related messages may cause the message to reappear in the list. You are then prompted to confirm the removal.

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