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Training Request

FTD Mercury - Florist Training

No matter if you have had FTD Mercury for 30 days or for more than a year, FTD Technology Training has you covered. Classes are available to help increase your knowledge and get the most out of the system. FTD offers both classroom-based training and Web-based training options. Both are available at no charge to florists who are using FTD Mercury Point of Sale.

Please read below and follow links to learn more about the different training options we offer.

Please Note: Training topics, schedules, and content are subject to change without notice. You need to be confirmed for any training program at least 72 hours prior to the start of any web-based training and at least a week prior to any classroom-based training in Downers Grove. If you have not been confirmed for a class or web-based training, please click here to contact the Mercury Training Team to receive confirmation. All training is performed with the latest version of FTD Mercury, and it is strongly recommended you upgrade to the current version at no charge. Training for older versions of FTD Mercury is not available.

FTD Mercury Training Videos

Video demonstrations are provided for FTD Mercury. Please be sure to access the video for the version of FTD Mercury you are using, as information may have changed between versions. Please select one of the following links to view training videos for FTD Mercury:

Classroom-Based Training - Advanced FTD Mercury Training

FTD's most popular technology training class!

This class is provided at FTD Headquarters located in Downers Grove, IL. Classroom training is especially useful to improve overall familiarity with FTD Mercury Point of Sale. Not only will you get focused training on more in-depth FTD Mercury topics, but also have the opportunity to meet other florists who are also using FTD Mercury.

Training Request
Classroom-Based Training at FTD Headquarters
Classroom-Based Training at FTD Headquarters

Why is the classroom based training better over other training programs offered?

Other training programs may only focus on specific areas. For an example, if we provide you with a training session on marketing only, you will miss out on how to maintain new and existing customers, shortcuts in order entry, event planner setup, etc. The FTD Mercury system as whole works together. Our classroom based training will provide you all the needed information to use your system to the fullest extent possible.

During the classroom training, you receive deeper training than you received during installation or in any other training FTD provides. Instructors cover advanced features of the system, including Mercury Delivery, Mercury Marketing, Business reports, Event Planner, and Mercury Administration.

Who should attend?

Owners, Office Managers, and staff that want to improve their overall ability to use FTD Mercury. This is an excellent way for shops to meet other shops from around the United States & Canada, network with other shops, and trade their own experiences. Please note that during this classroom-based training, attendees will learn advanced features & functionality of the FTD Mercury Point of Sale system, including Mercury Administration & Mercury Reports.

This class is specifically reserved for florists using FTD Mercury Point of Sale, there is no charge for this training class either. You are, however, solely responsible for the transportation with getting to Chicago Please click here to learn more about the Advanced FTD Mercury classes.

Upcoming Classroom Schedule

The FTD Mercury Technology Team lays out the training schedule for the entire year to help you plan your trip to Chicago! Please click here to jump to schedule for FTD's upcoming classes.

Web-Based Training

Web-based training is offered to you via the phone and in the convenience of your business. Web-based training is offered to you and your staff at no additional charge. All web-based training will have a Q&A session immediately following the training session.

Although this web-based training may be more convenient, the focused training you can receive with Classroom Training is significantly more in-depth and will provide you with a greater overall knowledge in a much more compressed time frame.

How does web-based training work?

This type of training is very similar to a seminar. During the training session you the attendee(s) and the trainer are able to see the same screen. This enables you to see FTD Mercury or the screen of what the training session is covering.

We have several topics available, please click here to learn more.

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