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After you log in to FTD Mercury, the FTD Mercury Main Menu opens. This is the hub for all FTD Mercury functionality. The FTD Mercury Main Menu has four button groupings, organized to help you access the most common commands quickly. The full suite of commands is available from the menu bar.

Main Buttons

At the front center of the FTD Mercury Main Menu are six buttons corresponding to extremely common commands in FTD Mercury.

Command Description
Order Entry Opens the Order Entry window.
Point of Sale Opens the Point of Sale window.
What's New Launches the What's New PDF.
Designer Opens the Designer Assignments window.
Delivery Opens Mercury Delivery.
Marketing Opens Mercury Marketing.

Bookkeeping Functions

At the bottom center of the FTD Mercury Main Menu, five buttons relating to bookkeeping functions are grouped together.

Command Description
Receive Payment Opens the Recieve Customer Payment On Account window.
Accounting Opens Mercury Accounting.
Credit Cards Opens the Unsettled Credit Card Authorizations window.
Statements Opens the Generate Statements window.
Business Reports Opens an Explorer window to the Office Templates folder. You can then open the Mercury Forms folder and select the report you want to generate.

Search Functions

At the top right of the FTD Mercury Main Menu, five search buttons are available. You can quickly execute any of these searches by pressing the number key corresponding to that search.

Command Description
Ticket Search Opens the Ticket Search window and automatically searches for tickets from today’s date and before.
Message Search Opens Message Center and automatically searches for all messages that require attention.
Florist Search Opens the Florist Search window.
Customer Search Opens the Customer Search window.
Product Search Opens the Product Search window.

Other Functions

At the bottom left of the FTD Mercury Main Menu, there are two additonal buttons (you can see the name of each button by hovering over the button with the mouse). These are less commonly used commands than others on the FTD Mercury Main Menu, but still tremendously valuable.

Command Description
Transmit Now Initiates a send and receive command with the Mercury Network. Normally, messages are sent every few minutes, but this command forces the send and receive to occur now.
Merc Tech U Opens an Internet Explorer browser window to the Merc Tech U Web site. This Web site contains information about FTD Mercury, including documentation, tips & tricks, and breaking news.

Menu Bar

At the top of the FTD Mercury Main Menu is a menu bar. The commands under each menu provide access to FTD Mercury’s features and functionality.

Using the FTD Mercury Main Menu

The FTD Mercury Main Menu is keyboard accessible. You can press the Tab key on your keyboard to move between the buttons. When a button has focus, it is highlighted in yellow. When you press the Enter key on your keyboard, the currently selected button activates the same as if you clicked it with your mouse.

Additionally, buttons on the FTD Mercury Main Menu have keyboard shortcuts. The shortcut is the underlined letter in the button name. When you press the corresponding key on your keyboard, the button activates. For example, if you press the R key on your keyboard, the Order Entry window opens. For the searches, press the number (displayed in the magnifying glass in the icon).

If you want to access menu bar commands, press the Alt key and the underlined key simultaneously to open the menu. You can then either use the arrow keys to move up and down the menu, or press thethe underlined key for the command you want to access. For example, if you wanted to open the FTD Mercury Configuration window (accessible from the Settings command under the Tools menu), you could press ALT+L and then press S.

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