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Product Search Screen
Product Search Screen


This feature is available beginning in FTD Mercury X3 Fall.

The Product Search screen is displayed when you click on the search button (...) in the Personal Flowers, Ceremony, Reception, or Party or Other screen. This screen enables you to search for products in your system by product name, occasion, category, and/or store. Results are displayed below the search criteria area, with a maximum of 10 results per page. Each result includes the product name, the product code, the price points for the product, and a picture. If a picture is not available, a default image is used instead. (If you are using this to show potential customers what you can do, consider adding pictures to your local products.)

Click on a product to add it to the item line. You can then modify the quantity, description, and price as necessary. Additionally, you must specify the location where the item should be delivered from your list of available locations.

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