Deleting Individual Customers

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You can delete individual customers without having to use the Purge Customers utility. In the Customer Detail Information window, click Delete to delete the customer. This button is active for all saved customers. Deleted customers are saved to the Purged Customer account.

  1. Bring the customer record up on the screen. To do this, click Search from the menu bar, then click Customer from the drop down menu. Type the customer’s name in the text box then click Search. Then double-click on the customer’s account in the list.
  2. With the customer record on the screen, click the Delete button. You receive the following warning message:

Clicking YES will delete the customer and the customer’s statements from the database and associate any sales data to the Purged Customer account. Are you sure you want to delete this customer?

  1. Click Yes. The customer record as well as the customer’s statements are deleted. All sales data is saved to the Purged Customer account.

NOTE: You cannot delete customers that have active standing order templates on file.

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