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Customer Purge

The Purge Customers utility allows you to delete inactive customers from your system. To purge customers, you specify the number of months of inactivity (the number of months since the customer has made a purchase).

Customers must meet the following criteria before they can be purged:

  • The customer account cannot have the Do Not Purge check box checked in the Customer Detail Information window.
  • The customer account cannot have a balance.
  • The customer account cannot have an unpaid ticket.
  • The customer account cannot be a default pay type account (such as “cash”) or a wire service account.
  • The customer account cannot have a sale with a Pending status.
  • The customer cannot have an active standing order template.

Purge Customers permanently deletes customers from your system, however the data for all purged customers is stored in a customer account named “Purged Customer.” The data is stored in this account so that it can still be used for reporting purposes.

The Purged Customer account:

  • is not associated with a store.
  • is an “inactive” account.
  • does not have a house account number.
  • can be viewed, but cannot be changed or deleted.
  • does not print on reports.

Steps for Purging Customers

Steps for Protecting Customers from Customer Purge

Steps for Deleting Individual Customers

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