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The following buttons are available in the button ribbon at the bottom of the screen:

Button Description
Select This button only appears if you open Message Center from Order Entry or Point of Sale. Clicking this button is equivalent to double-clicking a message—for unattached orders, this attaches them in Order Entry or Point of Sale, and for already attached orders (or messages related to already attached orders), the order opens in Order Entry or Point of Sale.
Print Message Prints a copy of the currently selected and displayed message. A single copy of the selected Mercury Message prints to the Mercury Message printer. If no printer is configured as the Mercury Message printer, the message prints to the default Windows printer.
More Displays additional messages that meet the search criteria.
Respond This button is only enabled if the selected message is associated with a Mercury Message number. When you click Respond, the list of appropriate responses for the selected message is displayed (the same functionality exists if you right-click on a message in the results list). When you select the response, the appropriate response window opens so you can create the message and send the response. After you create a response, the related messages list automatically refreshes to include your response.

Any responses will use the sending shop code from the original order.

New Message Opens the New Message window, allowing you to select the message type you want to create. The appropriate message window will then open and allow you to craft and send your message.
Close Closes Message Center and returns you to the window from which you launched Message Center (the FTD Mercury Main Menu, Order Entry, or Point of Sale).

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