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This page contains information related to beta software and is subject to change prior to release.

Accessing the Site


Before accessing the www.mercurynetwork.com site, be sure to uninstall the Mercury Direct 4 or Mercury Direct 5 client application. If you need help, contact the Mercury Technology Assistance Center (MTAC).

To access the site:

  1. Open Internet Explorer to www.mercurynetwork.com.
  2. If you need to access the site in Spanish, click Ver Sitio en Español.
  3. Enter your Account, User Name, and Password and then click Login.

Configuring Security Settings

After accessing the site, you must add the site to your trusted sites list and ensure security settings are configured properly.

To add the site to your trusted sites list:

  1. Make sure Internet Explorer is opened to www.mercurynetwork.com.
  2. On the Internet Explorer window, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options. The Internet Options window opens.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Click the Trusted Sites icon.
  5. Click the Sites button. The Trusted sites window opens.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click Close.
  8. Click Custom level. Ensure every item under the ActiveX controls and plugins (except Allow Scriptlets, Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls, and Display video and animation on a webpage...) are enabled. Under Scripting, enable Active Scripting.
  9. Click OK. You are returned to the Security tab.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Close and reopen Internet Explorer.

Configuring Automatic Printing

The Print Console automatically opens when you access the site using Internet Explorer (the Print Console does not work with any other web browsers). If it does not open, ensure your Internet Explorer's popup blocker is configured to allow it to open. The Print Console enables you to configure three options:

  • Enable Automatic Printing - When this is set, Mercury messages are automatically printed to your default printer.
  • Do not print incoming Delivery Confirmations - When this is set, incoming Delivery Confirmations are not printed.
  • Do not print incoming General Messages - When this is set, incoming General messages are not printed.

The Print Console automatically checks for new messages every 5 minutes; click the Poll Now button to check immediately.

If you close the Print Console window, printing will no longer happen automatically. You must restart your browser and log back into the site again to restore the Print Console and automatic printing.


The Print Console can be enabled or disabled by the Mercury Technology Assistance Center (MTAC).

Setting Your Default Language

The site is available in both English and Spanish. You can set your default language on a per user basis.

To set the default language for a user:

  1. Log in to the web site.
  2. Point to the Account menu and select Admin.
  3. Point to the Users menu and select Update.
  4. Click the User Name for whom you want to set the default language.
  5. From the Language Indicator list, select the default language.
  6. Click Update Customer.

When you log in as that user, the interface will be in the language you specified.

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