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The Mercury Direct Plus Control Panel is the program that connects with the Internet to send and receive orders and messages. It automatically connects every few minutes, and sends and receives any waiting orders and messages. The Control Panel also allows you to configure and set up the Mercury Direct program.

After you have installed Mercury Direct, the Control Panel is set up to start automatically each time your computer starts up. When your computer starts up, the Control Panel will open and display on the screen, and receive any messages waiting for you. You must have the Control Panel running in order to access the Mercury Direct Client and send orders; therefore, it is suggested to always keep the Control Panel running while your computer is on.

To access the Control Panel (if the Control Panel is already running):

Double-click the Mercury Direct icon Image:directhelpicon.jpg in the lower right corner of the desktop (near the clock).

To access the Control Panel (if it is not running already):

On the Windows desktop, click the Start button, point to Programs, then to FTDI, then to Mercury Direct, and click Mercury Direct Control Panel.

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