Sending a GENeral Message

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  1. On the Mercury Message menu, click General (GEN).
  2. In the Filling Florist field, type the florist code of the filling florist (the florist to whom you are sending the message) and press TAB, or click the search button to perform a Florist Search OR type the Mercury number of the FTD department or FSR.
  3. In the Priority field, click the arrow and select a priority level for this message.
  4. In the Text or Reason field, type your message text.
  5. In the Operator field, click the arrow and select your name from the list.
  6. In the Sending Florist field, click the arrow and select your shop code (if you have multiple stores).
  7. If all information is correct, click Send.

The system prints a verified copy of the message on your Mercury printer once the message has been received by the Host Computer (unless you have specified otherwise in Mercury Administration). The verified copy includes the Mercury number.

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