Searching for Products Assigned to a Designer

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  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, click Designer. The Design Center window opens.
  2. In the search criteria area, select a name from the Designer drop-down list, to search for products assigned to a specific employee. You can also select ALL in the drop-down list to search for products assigned to all employees. When Show All Employees is checked, the drop-down list will contain the names of all employees. Designers are a subset of your employees to whom you have assigned the Job Category of Designer in Mercury Administration. To limit the Designer search to the employees whom you have designated as designers, uncheck Show All Employees.
  3. Ensure the Assigned option is selected, and the Not Assigned option is cleared.
  4. If desired, specify whether the orders have been designed or not designed.
  5. Click Search.

The results list displays items assigned to the designer you specified. If you want to reassign the designer, click in the Designer column and select a different designer.

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