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The Receive Customer Payment On Account window is used to record customer payments on house accounts. The customer’s balance is updated immediately. Payments on open item accounts are applied toward tickets, whereas payments made on balance forward accounts are automatically applied toward the oldest invoice.

In Point of Sale, when you receive payment on a customer account, a receipt will print for the customer. Printed receipts include the employee name of the employee who entered the payment.

For Canadian systems, when receiving payment on a house count using Point of Sale (click the Receive Payment button in the Point of Sale window), you can specify if you are receiving payment in U.S. or Canadian funds by selecting the appropriate fund type from the Exchange list next to the Tendered Amount field. If you select US, the funds are converted to Canadian dollars using the local exchange rate in the Store Settings screen in Mercury Administration.

The Receive Customer Payment on Account window is divided into several areas:

Store Name/Date/Employee Area

The Store Name selection list and Date fields only appear if you access the window from the FTD Mercury Main Menu. From the list, you can select the store to which to post the payment. You can also select the date for the payment. You can also select the employee receiving the payment (depending on settings in Mercury Administration, this may be required).

Image:NoteIcon.pngPayments received via Point of Sale are posted to the store associated with the Point of Sale session and are recorded as the current date.

Customer Area

In the Customer area, enter or search for the customer for whom this payment is being made. If you are working for a customer statement and the statement has a bar code for the customer’s account number, you can also use your bar code scanner to perform a customer lookup. When the customer has been identified, the customer’s address and current balance information and account number are displayed. Additionally, if there is a future balance on this account (such as for a wedding), it is displayed here.

Payments Area

In the Payments area, select the payment type for this payment and enter the amount being paid on the outstanding account balance (this may be different than the amount tendered in cash from the customer). If this is a credit card payment, you need to enter the account number, expiration date, CVV code (optionally), and name on the credit card.

Image:NoteIcon.pngThe CVV code field is only enabled during credit transactions when the cardholder is present.

If you enter a payment that is incorrect, highlight the row and click Remove to remove it. The Total Amount field displays the total amount of all payments that are to be applied against the outstanding balance on the house account. The Unallocated Credit field displays any unallocated credits from previous payments.

Image:NoteIcon.pngAfter you have received a payment made with a credit card, if you view the payment information again, only the last four digits of the credit card are displayed for security purposes. Additionally, if a CVV code was entered, it will not be visible.

Allocation Area

The Allocation area is available only for customers who have open item accounts. Additionally, the customer must have unpaid invoices for tickets to appear in this list.

In such cases, each ticket with its corresponding information displays. Enter the dollar amount to be allocated to each ticket in the This Payment column. The Unallocated Balance field shows the outstanding dollar amount still to be paid on this open item account from the current payment. You can also double-click on an unpaid amount to move the entire amount of that ticket to the This Payment column and add the amount to the payment total.

If FTD Mercury is configured (via Mercury Administration) to allocate payments across invoices from all stores, all unpaid invoices from all stores appear in the Allocation list. If FTD Mercury is configured to allocate payment only to invoices in the store where the payment is received, only the unpaid invoices for the store selected for the payment displays in the Allocation list.

Tendered Area

If the payment type supports a tendered amount, enter the amount you are receiving in the Tendered Amount field. If you are a Canadian shop, select whether the amount is in U.S. or Canadian dollars. The Change Due reflects the difference between the payment amount and the tendered amount.

Also, in the lower right corner of the window when accessed in Point of Sale, the Batch Mode check box allows you to automatically reopen the Receive Customer Payment on Account window following completion of the payment.

Image:NoteIcon.pngIf you are receiving payments in batch mode and your Mercury Administration settings require employee name for payments, you will not be re-prompted each time to select an employee name.

Email Payment Receipt Area

Image:NoteIcon.pngThis functionality only applies to FTD Mercury X3 Fall or later.

You can email a payment receipt to your customer by selecting this option. The email address for emailing invoices to that customer is used for payment receipts. You can specify an Received on Account payment cover letter in the Email screen in Mercury Administration. Receipts are not emailed if you are canceling a payment or if the payment amount is zero (when you are updating allocations). When you email a payment receipt, it is tracked in the Customer Life Cycle.

Button Ribbon

The following buttons are at the bottom of the window:

Button Description
Print Prints an acknowledgment of the payment received.
Complete Completes the payment transaction.
Update This button, available only when receiving payment in Point of Sale via credit card or debit card, appears if the card is declined. You can then change the payment and click this button to update the payment.
Cancel Payment When you open a previously made payment, you can click this button to cancel the payment. This is helpful if you accidentally put the wrong payment on a customer’s account, or if you entered the wrong payment amount.
NOTE: Canceled payments do not appear on customer statements.
Reprint Receipt This button, available when accessing this window from Point of Sale, enables you to reprint the receipt for payment.
Escape Closes the window without recording any changes.
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