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The Product Search window has the following areas.

Search Parameters

If you search using multiple parameters, products must match all parameters to be included in the results list. You can use the following parameters when searching for products:

Parameter Description
Product Name Enter the product code or product name of the product for which you are searching. Product Search first searches against the Product Code, and if no matches are found, it will search against the Product Name. You can also use the % symbol as a wildcard.
Occasion Select the occasion with which the product is associated.
Price Results will be included if the price on a product is the value you enter or above. For example, if you enter $45.00, all products that are $45.00 and above will be included in the search results.
Store Name If you are a multi-store environment, select the store which sells the product.
Category If you want to restrict the category, select it from this list.
Quick Pics Select this option to display products that have been marked as Quick Pick items in their respective product details.

Results List

The results list displays products that match your search parameters. If you used multiple parameters, products must match all parameters to be included in the results list. When you double-click a product in the results list, it opens in the Product Entry window.

Each product has the following information displayed in individual columns:

Column Description
Product Code The product code for the product.
Price The product’s price. If there are multiple price points for the product, you can select the price point you want to use for this product before clicking Select and returning to Order Entry or Point of Sale.
Product Name The product’s name as it appears in the Product Entry window.
Image If there is an image available for this product, an icon appears in this column. Click the icon to display the picture without opening the Product Entry window.

Button Ribbon

The following buttons are available in the button ribbon at the bottom of the window:

Button Description
Select This button only appears if you access Product Search from Order Entry or Point of Sale. From the results list, select the product you want to use for the order and click Select. The Product Search window will close and the selected product appears in the Products area of the Order Entry or Point of Sale window.
Print Click to print the results list.
More Available if there are additional matching results that could not be displayed. Click to display the additional results.
Add Opens the Product Entry window, allowing you to add a new product.
Close Closes the window.

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