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This procedure teaches you how to change the merge fields in the template. If you want to only change the text in the template, you can do this by clicking the Edit button in the Save Campaign panel at the end of the Marketing Wizard.

  1. Create a marketing campaign using the Marketing Wizard in the Mercury Marketing application. However, choose not to open the campaign in Microsoft Word (make sure Open in Word is not checked), or if the program asks you if you want to open a new Microsoft Word document to begin the merge, click No (you will open the existing template instead).
  2. Open the template you want to change. To do this:
    1. Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking on the Windows Start button and clicking Explore.
    2. Navigate to the C:\Wings\Office Marketing Templates folder and locate your template.
    3. Double-click on the template to open it.
  3. Continue with step 2 in Creating a New Template, changing the text or merge fields in the file as necessary. Make sure that before you merge the customer information into the document, save the template using the Save As command from the File menu (make sure that you are saving the document as a Document Template). It is suggested to save it with the other templates, in the ,C:\Wings\Office Marketing Templates directory.

If you want to change a predefined template permanently, save it using the same file name.

To reuse the template in the future, follow the procedure in this section again; however you will not change or rename the file as instructed in step 3 above.

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