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The Employee Search window opens when you select Employee Search from the Search menu in FTD Mercury. In the Search Parameters area, you can enter the job function and/or employee name (full or partial) for the employee and then click Search. You can also click Get All to get all employees in FTD Mercury. Matching active employees appear in the results list, which includes the employee’s job function, employee ID, and name. FTD Mercury sorts first by job function and then by employee name.

Click Print to print the results list. You can also select Print Employee Bar Code to print bar codes for employees in the results list. When you print the results list, the report contains the employees, their job functions, and the employee ID bar code (if selected).

Image:TipIcon.pngTo print bar codes for all employees, click Get All (to get a full list), ensure the Print Employee Bar Code box is selected, and then click Print.

Click Close to close the window.

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