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The Mercury Marketing predefined postcard templates are formatted to print four postcards per sheet of paper. If you have postcard stock that is formatted for one postcard per sheet of paper, you will have to create a new template that is specially formatted to print on your postcard stock paper.

  1. Extract a customer list (.csv file) so that you can merge the customer list into the custom postcard template. See Creating Other (Third-Party) Marketing Campaigns to create your .csv file.
  2. Follow the steps in Creating a New Template to create your new template and insert your merge fields. However while you are writing your letter in Microsoft Word, format the margins of the document so that the template fits on your paper. This involves some trial and error.
  3. After creating your template, try printing it on your postcard stock paper to see if is aligned correctly. You may have to make adjustments so that it prints correctly.

For help on formatting in Microsoft Word, consult your Microsoft Word documentation.

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