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The Answer message allows you to respond to a question, comment, or price change request. Answer messages should only be used to respond to Ask messages.

Sending an Answer Message

To send an Answer message:

  1. On the FTD Mercury Main Menu, in the Search area, click Message. You can also click Message Center from a blank Order Entry or Point of Sale window. The Message Center opens.
  2. Perform a search to locate the message to which you want to respond.
  3. Select the message from the results list and click Respond.
  4. The Create ANS Message window appears with most of the information completed for you.
  5. Change any information or add notes as needed. If you are answering a price change request, click New Price and type the new price to confirm.
  6. Click Send.

The system prints a verified copy of the message on your Mercury printer once the message has been received by the Host Computer (unless you have specified otherwise in Mercury Administration). The verified copy includes the Mercury number.

Create ANS Message Window

Create ANS Message Window
Create ANS Message Window

The Create ANS Message window enables you to create an Answer message to respond to a question, comment, or price change request. The window is organized into the following sections:

Order Information

Setting Description
Order Date Displays the date of the original order.
Number Displays the Mercury number of the original order. You can also click the Search button (…) to search for the Mercury # in Message Center. When you find the message in Message Center and double-click it in the results list, this field will automatically populate with the selected message’s Mercury #.

Recipient Information

In this area, enter the recipient’s name and address in the appropriate fields.

Message Information

Setting Description
Delivery Date Enter the delivery date. You can also click the arrow to display a calendar, from which you can select the delivery date.
New Price If you are confirming a new price for the order, select this option and enter the new price in the text box.
Reason Select the reason you are sending this message.

Detailed Florist Information

This area contains information about the sending florist, including their shop code and contact information.


Enter any additional information for this message in this area.

Operator Information

Setting Description
Operator Select the name of the employee sending this message.
Sending Florist By default, your store name appears selected in this list. If you have multiple stores, select the name of the store sending this message.

Click the Ord. Detail button to open the Order Detail View window.

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