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Credit Card Authorizations
Last Updated: 28-October-2014 8:49AM CDT

Users are currently experiencing issues with our credit card and/or debit card processing. You may experience slowness and/or pending authorizations when processing credit cards and/or debit cards. We are diligently working to resolve the issue.

  • FTD Mercury X2 or later customers, or Mercury Connect customers with FTD Mercury X2: payment card industry guidelines (PA-DSS) necessitate you obtaining your customer’s credit card number again and reprocessing it again once credit card operations have returned to normal.
  • FTD Mercury X1 or lower customers: no action is required, your credit cards will automatically reprocess when authorizations begin to go through.
  • Advantage Users: please attempt to reprocess your credit cards, they will go through once authorizations begin to go through.

If you wish to MANUALLY AUTHORIZE your credit cards, please use the below information to obtain voice authorizations.

Visa/Mastercard1-800-944-11110977003830 + Your FTD # Terminal ID
American Express1-800-528-2121799-410-0014
Diners Club1-800-525-904005211-26383
Carte Blanche1-800-525-904005211-26383

Your terminal number is usually 01. To check what terminal number you have look at a previous transaction receipt and the last 2 digits of the Term ID listed at the top of the receipt will be the numbers you will use after your FTD code # when calling for voice authorizations on Visa and Mastercard only. If unsure of your terminal ID please check your monthly Confirmation of Credit Cards report and the first 2 digits on any transaction line item will be the numbers you use.

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