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Aged Analysis reports provide you with an analysis of your house account balances for either open item or balance forward accounts. You can use Aged Analysis reports to:

  • View potential future cash flow.
  • See how much customers owe and decide what steps you need to take to recoup money that you are owed.

Aged Analysis reports include only those accounts with balances for the selected store(s) and reporting period. The reports contain account balances and aging on accounts from the sale date relative to the date you generate the report. By default, the Aged Analysis reports set the Balance Forward date one month prior to the current date. By setting the Account Balance date later than the Balance Forward date, you can include future transactions in the Aged Analysis report. Aging is calculated nightly.

You will typically generate Aged Analysis reports monthly, either just before or just after you create statements.

Types of Aged Analysis Reports

There are three types of Aged Analysis reports:

Detail Report 
Lists each customer that has an open balance, as well as each individual transaction for the customer that occurred after the balance forward date. The report also prints the ticket number, product code(s) for each transaction, purchase date, and customer balance. Grand totals (for current, 30, 60, 90, 120+ days, and future, if selected) for each store are printed at the bottom of the report.
Aged Analysis Detail Report Columns
Summary Report 
Lists each customer name and phone number, and the current, 30, 60, 90, 120+, and future balances (if selected) for each customer. Individual transactions are not listed.
Grand Total Report 
Does not list individual customers. Total amounts for all customers are listed, separated by current, 30, 60, 90, 120+, and future balances.

Aged Analysis Report Columns

Aged Analysis Detail Report Columns

Generating Aged Analysis Reports

Use the Aged Analysis report template to generate Aged Analysis reports. The Aged Analysis report template is located in the Mercury Forms folder that you see when you click Business Reports on the FTD Mercury Main Menu.

Steps to generate Aged Analysis reports

Aged Analysis Report Window

You use the Aged Analysis Report window to configure settings for the Aged Analysis report. When you have finished configuring the settings, click Finish to generate the report and open it in Microsoft Excel.

Aged Analysis Report Settings

Tips and Tricks

Collecting Overdue Balances

To assist your collection efforts, Aged Analysis detail and summary reports include customers’ phone numbers. By printing each month’s Aged Analysis report, you can review account aging for a previous month or look up a customer’s balance when access to a terminal is not possible.

Viewing Aging by Statement Date

To view aging as of a statement date, use Statement Search. In the Search menu, click Statement Search. Highlight the statement run and click Print. The Statement List report that displays contains the aging for the account as of the selected statement run.

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