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Setting Description
Store of Origin Select the store with which this customer is associated. If you are set up as a multi-store shop, you can also select All Stores.
Customer Type Select whether you want to include customers with Balance Forward accounts, customers with Open Item accounts, or both.
Report Type Select whether you want to generate a Detail Report, a Summary Report, or a Grand Total Report.
Past Due Select criteria for including customers. You can select any combination of

customers who are current, 30 days past due, 60 days past due, 90 days past due, and/or 120+ days past due.

Print Order Select the print order for the report. You can select Customer ID, Sale Date, or Sort Name.
Balance Forward Date If you are including customers with balance forward accounts, select the date for the balance forward accounts you want to include.
Account Balance as of Date equal to or later than the date on which you are running the report. Setting this date later than the date of the report allows you to include future transactions in the report.
Include Wire Service Accounts Select this box if you want to include wire service accounts (FTD, TEL, etc.) in this report.

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