Aged Analysis Detail Report Columns

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Column Description
Customer No. The account number of the customer with aged balance(s).
Customer Name Name of the customer with aged balance(s).
Phone Number Phone number of the customer with aged balance(s).
Days Late Aging bucket or days late of the customer’s oldest transaction. If the oldest transaction is less than 120 days old, Days Late will show the aging bucket of the transaction (30 = ransactions 30-60 days old; 60 = transactions 61-90 days old; or 90 = transactions 91-120 days old). For transactions 121 days and older, Days Late shows the actual days late.
Last Payment Date Date on which the last payment was entered for the customer account.
Accounting Type Indicates whether the customer’s account is set up as a balance forward or open item account.
Ticket # Number associated with an order.
Sale Date Date of the ticket.
Del Date Scheduled delivery date.
Transaction Date Type of transaction. Transactions with balances prior to the Balance Forward date appear with transaction type of Balance Forward. If you generate the Aged Analysis report after running statements you may see Transaction Type of Finance Charge.
Product Code Code for the product.
Product Description Product name.
Tax Code Tax code associated with the transaction.
Total Amount Total amount for the transaction.

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