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The Abbreviation Code Lookup window opens when you press F12 while in a field that supports abbreviation (send to) codes in Order Entry or Point of Sale. Supported fields include Card, Company Name, Address, City, ZIP Code, and Phone.


When you hover your mouse over a field that supports abbreviation code lookup, a tooltip displays indicating you can press F12 to open the window.

To select a code to use, either double-click on the row or click the row and click Select (or press ENTER). Once a code has been selected, FTD Mercury places the abbreviation code into the field in Order Entry or Point of Sale.

When you access this window from the Card field, only card message abbreviation codes are displayed.

When you access it from other fields, only send to codes are displayed. If you enter text in the Abbreviation Code field, you can limit the codes to those which start with the entered text.

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